Jacqueline Tetlow

If you are interested in food, photography, creativity and style, this Tour is for you. It surpassed my wildest expectations, and if you only travel overseas once in your lifetime, this is the opportunity. Special, small, personal and sensitive, I loved every minute and it was PERFECT. It was extremely well thought out and planned, the food was top class, the demonstrations were varied and helpful, and the markets were eye-candy. Go with JAN somewere, just do it!

Helene Tyndall



There are no words to adequately describe this once in a life time adventure. To anyone even vaguely thinking about it, jump in and go, it is a privilege to be able to spend time with Jan and his unique team and to be a part of their creativity and talent. A very, very special adventure with the most wonderful people. Dankie Jan from the bottom of my heart for all your precious time and sharing. xx

Natelle du Plessis

Jan Hendrik your Tour far exceeded any expectations I had. I had the time of my life and was touched by your warmth and generosity. I enjoyed all the visits and activities so, a perfect balance of everything. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Di Bibby

If you see the 'Go with me. Somewhere' sign, click on the yes button. With huge anticipation for this travel adventure to be something extraordinary, admittedly, I felt slightly apprehensive. It over-delivered in every possible way. Jan's talents extend well beyond his Michelin star kitchen to a generous spirited host that leaves a trail of magic for others to enjoy. Meticulous attention to detail leaves nothing lacking. I loved every moment of this meander, especially the daily gathering around the table to share meals with acquaintances that became friends. The tour was mindfully curated keeping not only committed foodsters enthralled but anyone who loves to explore honest local food, cultures and hidden un-touristy gems. The benchmark for food tours has been set. Where to from here?

Fred and Marina Peens

We have experienced something that made our senses richer. Jan not only makes delicious food,he can also teach and talk passionately about it. 
This tour only left us with life changing memories and inspiration. 

Neil White

I am not a foodie. Let's start there. But I do enjoy good food. I didn't know what to expect from the tour, but I was happy to do it because my wife is a food nut and one of my best friends can not shut up about food. And he is the one who convinced us to go. Upon meeting Inemari & Jan and seeing the down to earth people they are, I knew I was going to have a good time. I loved that we all got along immediately and constantly laughed at each other on the tour. It was as though Jan was a normal guy.
And then we went to his restaurant. And then we ate his food. And then I realized he is not normal, but a food freak of nature. From there onward we experienced amazing, simple food from some of the most picturesque places I have been to.
The group I went with could not stop talking about the trip as we were doing the trip!
And then the farewell dinner. I do not want to say anything to others that may experience this amazing trip. But trust me, you will not be disappointed.
Thanks Jan,
You made our year.

Barbara Jensen Vorster

Going to do this in Afrikaans ...
Coenie de Villiers sing "Om weer te kan glo wat jy het is 'n Gawe van Bo" .... Ek het die heel tyd op die trip beef how incredibly blessed ons is om so iets mee te maak.

Nicole Lesicnik

Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience! 
From the moment the tour started, you made us feel welcome and relaxed. 
Having the opportunity to dine in your Michelin Star restaurant was a dream come true and the whole tour was an absolutely exceptional experience. 
Your special attention to every single detail through out the trip was the cherry on top of a most delectable cake!
Thank you for introducing us to some beautiful places, amazing flavors and some very interesting people.
Your fun loving personality and passion for what you do made it a truly memorable experience.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Warm Regards,
Nickie Lesicnik

Reshma Sewpersad

What a spectacular tour! Very thoughtfully put together and well organized. We also knew when and what we where doing, without feeling rushed. Little surprises await every night at turn-down. Destinations are all beautiful with we left all heavier than we had arrived, but with memories for a lifetime and having met and made new friends.