Italian Riviera, Truffle festival and Piemonte

October 2015

We enjoyed ...

A culinary excursion in and around Liguria, Piemonte and the Italian Riviera that allowed our guests the opportunity to hunt truffles in the forests of Alba, visit the Alba White Truffle Festival, cook with local chefs and indulge in a wide variety of local specialties. Filled our baskets with fresh produce from the Ventimiglia market and cooked together, relaxing afterwards for long leisurely dinners and ate at my favourite Spaghetteries in San Remo.

This beautifully curated trip was put together with the express desire to introduce my guests to the culture and the cuisine of Italy by showing them the places, things and people that makes this country the favourite tourist destination it has always been. 


Elana Brundyn - Jan-Hendrik took us on a moving feast! I enjoyed every second!
Elmien de Kock - Truffle hunting with leo and his dog Max through the autumn woods in Italy. Unforgettable! 
Maretha Geldenhuys - Jan-Hendrik treated us on a luxurious culinary tour through the splendid medieval towns of mostly along the French Riviera where he introduced us to the markets, produce, chefs and many regional specialities. Unforgettable! 
Sonja Roux - Jan-Hendrik showed eight of us the delight and splendour of some of his favourite food spots and places while gracefully treated us like royalty!!